Welcome to Slimming Today, here we hope you will find the slimspiration to keep your slimming journey fresh and long lived.

If you are anything like us, you've tried all the fad diets and dipped in and out of slimming world and weight watchers, we have not been blessed with metabolisms that allow is to eat endless amounts of chocolate and cakes. We are on our slimming journey and we regularly attend Slimming World, over the past 6 months collectively with have lost in excess of 10 stone!

Of course it's not easy, it takes dedication, tears and a bit more dedication. What we have found though is that our passion for food has not decreased but in fact has increased tenfold, with an array of wonderfully filling foods to choose from we are always cooking up something new and tweaking the classics to be super healthy for the whole family.

Our ultimate Chinese Chicken Curry, Slow Cooker, Batch Cooking and Freezer Friendly
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